ASU Undergraduate Service Organizations

  • Student Representative | Student Admissions Relations Team (START)

  • Sept 2014 - Apr 2018
  • Leadership Role: Student Director, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
    • Led the organization in its rebranding effort: “Be the face of ASU!”
    • Restructured the organization's leadership responsibilities to provide new engagement opportunities for general members.
    • Created new communication channels with membership and the ASU Community.
  • Leadership Role: Membership & Leadership Coordinator, Spring 2016
    • Coordinated recruitment and selection of new members.
    • Organized and executed spring retreat and spring banquet.
    • Planned the annual budget for all aspects of START.
  • General Member Role:
    • Communicated with prospective students and their families on student panels and special events.
    • Organized university visitor data by arranging tours based on students’ academic interest.

Student Admissions Relations Team members with Sparky the Sun Devil
  • Student Ambassador | Fulton [Engineering] Ambassadors

  • Jan 2015 - Apr 2018
  • Leadership Role: Membership Engagement Coordinator, Fall 2017- Spring 2018
    • Enriched student ambassadors’ experiences with professional development and social events.
    • Built a peer mentorship program between upper and lower engineering classmen.
  • Leadership Role: High School Visits Coordinator, Fall 2016- Spring 2017
    • Facilitated high school teachers’ requests for engineering students to visit their classrooms and provide information to students via presentation and Q&A styles.
  • General Member Role:
    • Shared the ASU engineering experience at outreach, recruitment, and special events.
    • Conducted tours of the engineering facilities for prospective students and guests.

Fulton Ambassador executive board group picture

  • Tour Guide | Devils' Advocates

  • Jan 2016 - Apr 2018
    • Informed prospective students of the opportunities and benefits available at Arizona State University.
    • Created lasting impressions through personalized campus tours.
    • Conducted special tours for high school field trip groups, campus visitors, staff, and faculty.

Girl wearing a headset, ready to give a tour!

Employment: ASU Engineering Outreach

  • Engineering Camp Counselor | ASU K-12 Engineering Education & Outreach

  • June 2016: Solaris Prime Day Counselor
    • Sparked middle school students' interests in renewable energy resource development.
    • Taught students to use the engineering design process to construct an orbital descent vehicle, solar-powered rover, solar oven, wind turbine, and water wheel.
  • July 2016: Summer Engineering Experience Night Counselor
    • Engaged high school students in team-building exercises and recreation activities.
    • Monitored residential halls by nightly bed-checks, hall walks, and daily wake-up calls.

Student display board and projects

  • Grand Challenge Summer Institute: Lead Day Counselor | ASU Undergraduate Student Engagement

  • Jun 2016 - Jul 2016
    • Wrote and led curriculum to expose incoming ASU freshmen to entrepreneurship and product development.
    • Solicited faculty guest speakers to spark students' interest in ASU Engineering themes (education, energy, sustainability, health, security).

students creating a solar powered water pump

  • Grand Challenge Summer Institute: Day Counselor | ASU Undergraduate Student Engagement

  • Jul 2015
    • Connected incoming freshman to ASU Engineering faculty, staff, and upper-classmen.
    • Led hands-on day activities that exposed students to ASU Engineering themes (education, energy sustainability, health, security).
    • Facilitated personalized tours of engineering research facilities.

student group photo