NASA-ASU Psyche Inspired Internship

  • Mediums: creative writing, poetry, graphics

  • Sept 2017 - Apr 2018 | Titanium Class
  • You can view the copies of the works on the official Portfolio Site.
    • In collaboration with Chris Vasquez, we created a papier mache replica of the Psyche asteroid, using wire, foam, and paper. Oct 2017
    • Designed a coloring sheet of the ASU Psyche Badge (logo) to engage younger students in the mission. Oct 2017
    • Wrote a song about the Psyche Mission purpose: "Beep, Boop, Beep, Boop, Asteroid" (to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.") Nov 2017
    • Documented my experiences as a Psyche Inspired Intern and as a project manager for Psyche Mission mobile app development. Jan 2018
    • Created on-brand, Psyche themed Valentine's Day e-cards. Feb 2018
    • Wrote space-themed poetry at the Psyche booth of ASU Open Door. Feb 2018
    • Collected stories from Psyche Mission scientists, engineers, journalists and students. Snippets depicted in a word cloud. Mar 2018
    • Wrote a limerick series that alternate in perspective of the asteroid and spacecraft. Apr 2018

girls writing poetry

Psyche Couplet

Staring up high, guided by an azimuth,

I spy a star hidden in a labyrinth.

Creative Writing

  • REL 379- Religion, Nationalism, and Ethnic Conflict

  • Nationalism & Religion | Nov 2015
  • This paper assesses Anthony Smith's analysis of religion and nationalism in Chosen Peoples, and compares it to Benedict Anderson's work, Imagined Communities. I observed that the phasing out of religious ideas caused nationalistic waves to effectively wash over the globe.

  • HON 272- The Human Event

  • End of the Semester Reflection | May 2015
  • This paper uses social theory literature to identify obstacles to personal growth: fear of societal perception, communication skills, and the acceptance of others.

  • Arizona Science Center Reflection | Apr 2015
  • This paper describes the unique hands-on approach the Arizona Science Center took to educate and inspire life-long learners.

Leadership Reflections

  • CED 194- Leadership Scholarship Program Class

  • End Of Year Reflection | May 2015
  • This reflection is a response to the question, "How has your leadership made an impact this year?" The response includes lessons learned in the social change project, proven development of talent themes, and a personal mission for engagement in the ASU community.

  • Journal 1: Goal Setting | Jan 2015
  • This journal entry identifies areas for personal growth through the social change project.

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder Reflection | Sept 2014
  • This paper is a reaction to the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. My top five talent themes are: strategic, achiever, communication, woo, and focus.

  • FSE 100- Introduction to Engineering

  • End Of Semester Reflection | Dec 2014
  • This reflection recognizes and overcomes the challenges of being a female engineering student. I learned to improve my communication skills to ensure my ideas are heard. I ensured the team rotated roles and contributed equally.

Outdoor Adventures

I enjoy hiking and camping locally in Arizona. (Image captions hidden on mobile.)